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A Systems Approach to Functional Medicine

Manufacturer of Professional Nutritional Supplements Sold Exclusively by Healthcare Practitioners

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Treat the Cause

Specialized Products Formulated to Address Foundational Imbalances.

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What is the most important yet under appreciated supplement?

What is the most important yet under appreciated supplement? Many people take dietary supplements, yet many have at least 1 chronic illness - Is there a significant relationship? We think so.

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New Information on the Strong Science on Leucine

This amino acid has profound metabolic implications with Muscle Mass Support, Anabolic Support, Insulin Management, Glucose Tolerance, Energy Production and much more.

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SarcoSelect Success Story with Dr. Jeffrey Moss

SarcoSelect, our Signature Product, is a research-based functional food specifically designed to optimize muscle mass and function.

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Information for Patients

You can order the supplements prescribed by your health care practitioner here.   Next step, better health.

Ask your health care professional to give you their Practitioner Code Number.  Contact us if you do not have a health care professional to recommend our products, or your practitioner has not yet registered with us.  

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