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A truly healthy business

Founded in 1992 by Jeffrey Moss, DDS, CNS, DACBN, and joined shortly thereafter by his wife, Joanne Goding, Moss Nutrition is a progressive, creative, and growing family business. Our customers call us "the education company." We specialize in helping doctors and patients discover why illness arises and what should be done in response.

We're not just here to sell products; we're here to practice a new way of doing business.

All too often, the supplement industry appears to grow at the expense of health care professionals and their patients. At Moss Nutrition, we choose a better way. As holistic practitioners, we know that everything's connected, and the way we choose to do business directly affects what business does to us.

That's why we're committed to ethics, not just growth. We never forget that the good health of our business depends on the good health, and the goodwill, of our customers. These values show in the personal service we offer our clients... the humane way we treat our employees... the way we've "greened" our work practices to care for the earth.

We select our products the same way. We work with companies that are clinically, technologically, and ethically advanced; our choices are based on excellence, innovation, and value, not economic expedience. Have we ever refused to distribute products we considered sub-par or ethically ambiguous? You bet we have! Will we continue to seek out these cutting-edge products, focusing on total health? You bet we will! Our name's on the line. We owe you, and the field of nutritional medicine, nothing less.