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Exacting standards, personally evaluated

Incredibly enough, the supplement industry lacks mandatory manufacturing standards. This makes quality control perhaps the single most important issue, and the single most confusing issue, a consumer can face.

At Moss Nutrition, quality control is our primary focus. At a minimum, we insist that products contain safe and bioactive ingredients. They must also contain only the ingredients listed on the label, in precise amounts. If a product appears to differ from bottle to bottle, we send a sample to an independent laboratory for analysis. If our quality control standards are not met, we will refuse to stock certain products or ingredients even if media attention or recommendations by questionable "experts" are creating demand. Finally, we will not hesitate to eliminate a product from our repertoire if it ceases to meet our standards. 

For every product in our extensive inventory, Dr. Moss personally and exhaustively examines the manufacturer for issues of competence and ethics. We choose companies that are not only clinically skillful and technologically advanced, but also committed to operating at a high level of honesty and intention. In short, we deal only with companies owned and run by people we feel we can trust.

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