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Real people with real knowledge

We pride ourselves on personalized service. Every team member is knowledgeable and caring, experienced with the products and eager to help. During periods of heavy phone traffic, you may occasionally encounter voicemail when calling us, but we strive to connect you as quickly as possible with a real person who can get you what you need.

Jeff Moss D.D.S., C.N.S., D.A.C.B.N.
President & CEO
Chief Product Formulator & Director

Dr. Jeffrey Moss is a graduate of the University of Michigan Dental School and practiced clinical nutrition in his Grand Rapids, Michigan dental practice for many years. In 1992, Dr. Moss founded Moss Nutrition Products and, assisted by his wife Joanne Goding, built Moss Nutrition into one of the country's major distributors of nutritional supplements designed for health care professionals. In 2009, the company expanded to include its own Moss Nutrition Select professional supplement line, one of the few supplement lines in the country whose sales are strictly limited to health care professionals and their patients of record. The ongoing development of these deeply researched, clinically relevant supplements is now the company's main product focus.

While functioning as the primary researcher for the Moss Nutrition Select professional supplement line, Dr. Moss continues to publish his bi-monthly newsletter "Moss Nutrition Report", a review and commentary on controversial and cutting-edge issues in the practice of nutritional medicine. In high demand by leading clinicians since its inception in 1987, this publication is now distributed globally.

Dr. Moss's relentless pursuit of knowledge in clinical nutrition complements his primary passion, teaching. A faculty member of the University of Bridgeport Master of Science program in Human Nutrition, he currently teaches classes on clinical assessment, and vitamins and minerals. He established the popular online course "Expanded Organic Acids & Amino Acids Testing", is a frequent speaker at teaching seminars across the country and has been a featured guest on various radio shows. His authentic enthusiasm and clear delivery of new insights and fresh, practical perspectives on the subject make him a well sought-after presenter.

Dr. Moss maintains a small clinical practice where he assists chronically ill patients in addressing quality of life issues.  

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Joanne Goding
Vice President & CFO

Joanne's passion for health and working in a company involved in health care stems from the influence of her health & nutrition-oriented, artistic, entrepreneurial mother and her exercise & athletics-oriented, selfless, and "work is worship" directed father.  She loves 'keeping track of the numbers' and being part of a team, being creative, and working towards a common goal. At a very young age, she realized that taking care of your health is the best way to enjoy a long, active, quality life - and that it costs less, too.  She aims to spread this message.  Married to Dr. Jeffrey Moss, Joanne is a self-described "Professional Patient" and "Health Seeker".  They have one daughter and live in Hadley, Massachusetts. (800) 851-5444 x109 

Nicole Perron
Marketing & Communications Manager
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Diana Allen M.S., C.N.S.
Product Development Manager
Clinical Specialist

Diana Allen, MS, CNS has a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is certified as a Nutrition Specialist by the American College of Nutrition. She came to Moss Nutrition in 2011 with more than a decade of experience in the supplements industry, previously having served as chief technical writer and Education Administrator at Pioneer Nutritional Formulas. Diana spent two years on staff at Moss as a Clinical Specialist before moving into her present position as Product Development Manager as well.

As Product Development Manager, Diana is involved in all aspects of new product formulations, research and development. She has a precise eye for detail and is committed to selecting the purest and most clinically relevant ingredients for Moss Nutrition Professional (MNP) products. Diana creates informative, referenced Technical Sheets for all Moss products and oversees label accuracy. She also contributes copy for MNP marketing and promotional materials.

Outside of Moss Nutrition, Diana has been offering holistic nutritional counseling in private practice since 2002. Her specialties include evolution-based nutrition, raw food and traditional diets, detoxification and healthy aging. Diana has authored numerous health articles and booklets (one of which has been translated into Spanish) and is co-author of Teri Kerr's Ultimate Detox Diet (with Teri Kerr, MA, RD, an early mentor). Her food and nutrition blog Eat to Evolve! is a popular source of recipes, tips and inspiration for readers around the world. Visit online at

As our primary liaison for technical support regarding Moss Nutrition Professional products, as well as an expert resource for information on distributed lines, Diana welcomes your questions on ingredients, quality, research and clinical support.
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Rick Cloutier
Director of Quality Control
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Monika Swistak
Administrative/Bookkeeping Assistant/Customer Service
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Donna Delisle-Mitchell
Shipping Department Manager
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