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Under Appreciated Issues in the Treatment of Chronic Illness - Muscle/Dietary Protein Update Part 1
There has been a literal avalanche of recently published research on a grossly underappreciated issue: loss of muscle mass and the need for increased protein intake. Some of these papers are so compelling and so desperately relevant to the needs of today's ever-growing volume of aging chronically ailing patients, that Dr. Moss could not delay writing about them.

In this review, Dr. Moss re-emphasizes the need to consider muscle mass and increased protein need for literally every chronically ill patient. And he shows us how the research proves this.

Under Appreciated Issues in the Treatment of Chronic Illness - Low Grade, Chronic Acidosis Combined with Potassium Deficiency-Part III - Potassium, Metabolic Acidosis, and Hypertension
If you have patients with high blood pressure - learn how significant a factor it is when potassium levels are too low! Learn how supplemental potassium, especially the bicarbonate form helps - a lot!

Research show DEFINITIVELY that increasing potassium intake can LOWER blood pressure, and this LOWERS THE RISK for Cardiovascular diseases where high blood pressure is contributing factor. Conversely, low potassium intake presents an INCREASED RISK of hypertension.