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When I entered the nutritional supplement industry almost 30 years ago, health care costs, which include the cost of nutritional supplements, were not nearly what they are today.  Because of this, back then we in the industry tended to focus almost solely on what a supplement could do and much less on its cost. 

Unfortunately, as we all well know, the scenario is very much different today. While we understand the defense made by many in the supplement industry that supplements today, on the whole, are not as expensive as drugs, we cannot and will not accept this fact as justification to make the cost of our products a secondary concern. We realize that many of the factors which we cannot control, such as the cost of raw materials, will place a challenging financial burden on many in our society, particularly since the recession began in 2008. 

Therefore, we make every effort to produce products that will yield the greatest efficacy at the lowest possible price. Furthermore, we do our best to provide research and education about how to efficiently use our products to the clinicians who recommend them so that health care goals can be reached using the lowest daily dose and fewest bottles of supplements possible.

Jeffrey Moss DDS, CNS, DACBN