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Unlike most users of nutritional supplements in this country who ingest supplements for reasons that relate to prevention, consumers of supplements recommended by healthcare practitioners tend to use these supplements as part of an overall lifestyle program to deal with the issues that brought the consumer to the healthcare practitioner in the first place.  Because of this, I share the opinion of many that these unique consumers of supplements need a unique class of supplements that are specifically geared towards the fact that prevention is not the core issue.  In contrast, they require supplements that will assist in the optimization of a health status that is already suboptimal.

Of course, many supplement lines, including Moss Nutrition Select, fill this need.  However, there is an important concern with this class of supplements.

The fact that products from professional supplement companies are designed to assist with the optimization of health in those individuals who truly need them also leads to another unfortunate fact - ingestion of these products by those individuals who do not need them can lead to a waste of money at the very least and a decline in health status at the worst.  Therefore, the Moss Nutrition Select line of supplements is sold solely through knowledgeable health care professionals so as to greatly minimize the possibility that those who will not benefit from our supplements will purchase them. 

Jeffrey Moss DDS, CNS, DACBN