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Acacia Fiber - 216 g

Organic, prebiotic soluble fiber to support healthy GI comfort & function, and promote beneficial microbiome balance. Mild taste; dissolves easily in cold water or mixes into any liquid.*  Best if used by 11/2020

Garlic Select - 60 VC

Unique blend of TWO potent garlic extracts. Provides researched levels of allicin from fresh garlic bulb + S-allyl cysteine from fermented black garlic. Natural antimicrobial support for a healthy cardiovascular system, healthy GI and immune function & healthy cholesterol levels.*  Best if used by 7/2021

L-5-MTHF- 120 VC

Methylated bioactive folate to help support a healthy methylation cycle. 1000 mcg (1mg) capsules.*  Best if used by 8/2020

Select Whey® Vanilla - 900 g

Highest quality New Zealand whey protein from grass-fed cattle. Minimally processed & delicious tasting with 23 g protein/serving.*  Best if used by 3/2020

Vitamin D3 2000 - 90 VC

Essential vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) for numerous health benefits. Helps support immune system function, promotes healthy bones by regulating absorption of calcium & phosphorus, and more.*  Best if used by 2/2020