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Acacia Fiber -  216 g

Organic, prebiotic soluble fiber to support healthy GI comfort & function, promote beneficial microbiome balance. Mild taste; dissolves easily in cold water or mixes into any liquid.* Best if used by 10/2020

Flaxseed Fiber - 252 g

Organically grown, cold-milled flaxseed powder. Rich source of soluble fiber PLUS protein, lignans & omega-3s.* Best if used by 10/2020

Garlic Select™ - 60 VC

Unique blend of TWO potent garlic extracts: allicin-rich fresh garlic bulb and fermented black garlic. Provides natural antimicrobial & cardiovascular support.* Best if used by 7/2021

GI Globulin Select® CAPSULES - 240 VC

Premium source of Immunoglobulin Y from hyperimmune egg powder. Researched to help support healthy intestinal barrier function, optimize microbiome species & promote GI health & comfort.* Best if used by 2/2022

NutraGluco Select®  - 120 VC

Comprehensive, absorbable multivitamin/mineral offering targeted support for healthy glucose balance. Features activated B-vitamins, chelated Albion™ minerals, chromium & vanadium, alpha lipoic acid and more.* Best if used by 2/2022