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5-HTP Select™ 90 VC

Naturally-occuring derivative of tryptophan and biological serotonin precursor to help support calm & restful mood.* Best if used by 5/2020

Biotin 5000® - 60 VC

Essential coenzyme & vitamin B family member. Support for healthy metabolic function, hair, skin & nails.* Best if used by 9/2020

Flaxseed Fiber - 252 g

Organically grown, cold-milled flaxseed powder. Rich source of soluble fiber PLUS protein, lignans & omega-3s.* Best if used by 10/2020

Select Greens® Unflavored- 295 g

Premium alkalinizing blend of organic vegetables, fruits, grasses, sprouts & greens featuring pure organic spirulina and broken cell chlorella PLUS antioxidant Grape Seed extracts,prebiotics & enzymes. Unflavored and unsweetened.* Best if used by 10/2021